Transportation of cargo from China

The scope of the company TGS2000 are international freight from China, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries to the EU, CIS and Baltic countries.

For today, China is one of the largest producers and exporters of a wide range of cargoes. In this regard, the flow of cargoes from China is growing. Transport Company TGS2000 Ltd. shipment both food and non-food products from China in containers.

Among the main advantages of shipping of cargoes from China in containers by rail are the following: 
- preservation of cargo on the whole route; 
- Standard sizes of containers allow the carriage of cargoes by all modes of transport, and, consequently, to carry freight from door to door "; 
- Possibility of carrying a wide range of cargoes: dangerous, perishable, construction materials, etc.; 
- For transport from China, there is no need to load from cars gauge (1435mm) (China), into wagons broad gauge (1520mm) - enough to load the container from one platform to another.

While in Kazakhstan, our company has the opportunity to organize the optimal transportation of cargoes from China and fully control the entire process of delivery of cargoes. The main directions of the transport of cargoes: from China to Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Russia (except the Far East), EU, CIS and Baltic countries.

China and Kazakhstan have different width of railway track. At present, railway service between the two countries is carried through the terminal Dostyk - Alashankou at the border between China and Kazakhstan. At this border crossing company TGS2000 provides transshipment of containers from the Chinese coaches gauge (1435mm) in wagons of broad gauge (1520mm). The procedure for transshipment of containers at the junction of tracks of different widths, along with customs and border inspection takes 1 to 3 days and the duration of the entire transport depends on the point of departure and destination of the container with the cargo.

With the experience gained in the transport of cargoes from China in containers by rail, the company TGS2000 provides the following services:

  • free advice on all matters of organization of cargo transportation in containers from China;
  • container supply for load;
  • sealing the container after loading in the presence of the customer;
  • organization of loading and unloading;
  • registration of all necessary documents;
  • implementation of the payment of all necessary payments;
  • optimal organization of container transport;
  • continuous tracking of containers throughout the entire journey and provide the customer accurate information about the whereabouts of the container.