Transportation of low carrying capacity containers from Europe to Kazakhstan

Transport company TGS 2000 specializes in the transportation of cargoes from Europe to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Depending on the cargoes transported and the routes used by road or rail. For some cargoes are delivered by road transport for freight terminals, which are loaded into the wagons. These is called multi-modal transportation. They are economically more advantageous than to transport by only motortransport.

In the carriage of certain cargoes company TGS 2000 uses the following scheme: 
- delivers the cargoes in cars in the cargo terminal in Brest 
- overloading of cargo containers
- containers sent to the train platform to the recipient. 

It is used as 3 and 5-ton containers and 20-and 40-foot containers. Such a scheme is economically beneficial. And more importantly, it guarantees the safety of cargoes.

Multimodal transport, using containers used to transport valuable cargoes with a risk of theft. Cargo, which is difficult to guarantee the safety of the transport in conventional wagons.

Company TGS 2000 has experience in transportation of containers of pumping equipment, assembly systems for radiators, fittings, various sanitary ware. These goods are transported from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic in the different regions of Kazakhstan.

Company TGS 2000 includes a holding Belsysgroup, which has its own terminals in Poland and the department in Brest and performs overload on its own. This ensures the quality and timeliness of work.

In Poland, the holding company has its own customs agency, which is also an advantage of the company TGS 2000.

Approximate dates of delivery of this scheme: 
Poland - Kazakhstan ... ... ... ... 3 weeks 
Germany - Kazakhstan ... ... ... ... 4 weeks.

Company TGS 2000 performs a full range of activities for transport, using containers:

  • Submission of vehicle for loading to the sender in Europe
  • Delivery of cargo on the car on the temporary storage warehouse (TSW) in Brest
  • Reloading of the vehicle at SVH
  • Storage of goods at temporary storage
  • Submission of containers: 3-ton, 5 ton, 20-and 40-feet
  • Loading of cargo in containers
  • Loading the container onto the platform
  • Delivery of containers to the recipient

Also transportation company TGS 2000 performs all the necessary paperwork:

  • registration of IARS;(International Agreement about Railway Service)
  • Re-registration of documents
  • Freight charges on the territories of European countries, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan
  • Customs duties on the border
  • Transit declaration