Transportation of oversized cargoes from Europe to Kazakhstan

Oversized cargoes are delivered by rail or truck to the cargo terminals Brest-North station at the Belarusian-Polish border, loaded into wagons of broad gauge and sent to the consignee.

It is in Brest is the only group of oversized transport, which makes thumbnails and oversized cargoes. Cooperation with it is necessary for any oversized transportation via Belarus in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Transportation of cargoes via Brest does not require the departure of the group, which greatly accelerates the process of reloading and transportation.

 To improve quality and reduce processing time of oversized cargo in Brest it was opened a branch of international transportation holding Belsys group, which includes TGS2000. His office is located directly at the station, providing a constant round the clock monitoring of cargo and reloading itself. Employees in addition to organizing the reception, reloading and dispatch of cargoes, carry out a complete photography with the provision of materials to the customer. Reloading is performed at the terminals with heavy-duty cranes.

Our transportation company provides a full range of services, taking into account all the features of gauge cargoes: 
1. need to draw up sketches of oversized cargo being transported; 
2. a permit to transport / transit of oversized cargoes; 
3. provide overload oversized cargo, and oversized cargos on the platform in accordance with the sketch.

 Company TGS2000 also perform all the necessary paperwork:

  • registration of IARS;(International Agreement about Railway Service);
  • re-registration of transport documents and check the necessary certificates and permits;
  • freight charges on the territories of Europe and the CIS;
  • customs duties on the border;
  • transit declaration;
  • information services (photo overdrive, providing information on the whereabouts of the cargoes).

Proximity to the border and border crossing ensure expeditious implementation of all customs formalities. The customer is kept informed on the status and movement of cargo.